Pell City Pupdates

Here are some great dogs from Pell City Animal Control rocking into Week 2 at Encore. Spoiler alert below why is there a new pup this week?  Who got rescued?  Stay tuned!

Rooster is SUCH a sweetheart. If you look in the dictionary under “Good Dog” his picture will be there! He loves people and gladly follows his basic obedience commands. At three years old he is still a young dog but is done with those (argh) puppy behaviors like jumping and mouthing. He’s a keeper for someone – maybe you?

Cheyenne’s like the caterpillar who’s morphed into a butterfly – and a social butterfly at that! She’s way over her shyness and is ready and willing to meet new people. She is working on her obedience basics but will sometimes plop down and roll over for a belly rub instead. It is VERY cute.

Guess who got pulled out of the shelter by a rescue last Friday? This gorgeous girl! Good luck with your new life, Angelica. She gave up her seat on the Encore bus to new guy Groot.

OMG. Wow. Get ready to sit back in your chair, so you don’t fall out, when you see this guy. Groot is one of the biggest dogs we’ve worked with at Encore. He’s a mix, and whatever he’s mixed with is all big and strong. Yet, what he loves to do most of all is lean in on you (especially if you’re a woman) and get petted. He’s OK with guys, too. He will even plop down for a belly rub! Groot is going to need some work with an experienced (and strong) owner on leash walking to keep all that power channeled in the right direction.