Pell City Animal Control Weeks of October 4 and 11, 2021

Let’s give a big round of applause for these four great dogs! It’s Week 1 at Encore with Pell City Animal Control and these guys and girls are ready to learn and have fun.

This two year old bully mix is a solid 50 lbs and all white except for these crazy cool markings on her eyes and ears. Stella already knows Sit and Shake, and loves everyone. She’s been at the shelter since July and is ready to run to her forever family. We’re working to help her remember not to jump up to say hello!

Patrick James
What would you get if you cross a Border Collie/Black Norwegian Elkhound, with a Toy Manchester Terrier? Apparently something that looks like year old Patrick James. This super sweet guy was surrendered to the shelter when the good Samaritan who found him couldn’t keep him. He’s shy at first but quickly warms up to friendly people and then he really enjoys some petting and affection. Once he’s comfortable, his energetic side shows. And he’s only 22 lbs.

Patches is a year old American Bulldog mix who’s friendly and smart. Maybe too smart, as this clever pup has figured out how to climb a chain link fence, ouch. His furever home would be best if surrounded by a wooden privacy fence, and if Patches got to hang out with his family inside most of the time! He has the cutest pink nose with black dots.

Athena is part of the shelter’s Fixed and Fabulous Program, which means her adoption fee is only $25. She’s a four year old pit bull mix who’s friendly and house trained. And what a  beautiful coat – dark brown across her back and lighter brown with golden highlights elsewhere.