Patch and Zoe’s Field Trip!

By Becka Sams

Here at Encore we like to make sure all our furry friends have lots of fun learning new activities throughout their training. One of these activities is a field trip to Lowe’s. This activity is especially important to our canine friends because they are able to build the confidence they need to go out into the loud and busy world.

This week we took Patch and Zoe and both did very well! Patch has gone on this trip before so she thought she knew what to expect. But as we all know life loves to throw curve balls our way. It was busier than usual with lots of people and their buggies and there were several announcements over the loud speaker. Not to mention the forklifts driving around with their back up horns.

Patch almost shut down at first. She had a hard time following commands like Sit because of the distractions. But… like the trooper she is, she worked through it and went on to have a great time.

Zoe has never been on this trip and she loved it ! This little girl sniffed everything and everyone she could. She was so brave. Even the Halloween displays didn’t scare her. She got to meet lots of new people and practice greeting them .

These two girls have come such a long way and we are so proud of them. Patch is available for adoption at The League for Animal Welfare. Spoiler alert – Zoe just got adopted!!

If you have a chance go out to the League and meet Patch. She will not disappoint you, and she may just steal your heart…

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