Our Friend Koda

The name Koda means “friend” in the Dakota Sioux language. It also has roots in native Alaskan to mean “bear.” This three- year old boxer mix couldn’t have been named any better!

Koda is definitely on the bear size for a boxer. He’s a solid 70+ lbs. with massive front paws and a huge head. Koda was surrendered to Rockin P Rescue when his owner realized he didn’t have time to play with or train him. Mostly Koda was by himself in the back yard. If you know boxers, you know this isn’t good – they are very attached to their owners.

Our main goal for Koda has been to help socialize him with new people and see how he did. Well he is doing great! He is so calm with everyone he meets. He doesn’t jump or run into you. He started to show some interest in toys, and it makes us happy to see him chase the ball in the yard. Then you see a twinkle in his eyes, which otherwise can seem sad. Mostly, he’s laid back and happy just to be near people who care about him.

Koda is a beautiful brindle and white with a black face. He is available for adoption through Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville, AL.