OMG It’s an ORT!

We are SO excited to be hosting our first ever event sanctioned by the National Association of Canine Scent Work®! It’s called an Odor Recognition Test, or ORT and is Saturday, June 27.  The full premium and registration form are available on our website under Training Services, Nose Work Events.

Nose work enthusiasts and their dogs from across the Southeast will travel to Encore to see if their dogs can identify the odors of birch, anise and/or clove. Each odor is run separately. There are 12 identical closed boxes and the dog has to find the one box with the odor, and communicate that to his or her handler. The handler calls “Alert” and if it is the right box, they pass the event. Time limit is three minutes.

And here’s some great news. A portion of each registration fee will be used for Encore Enrichment Center operations, so participants are supporting our work with shelter dogs!

The event is not open to the public, and in this time of COVID 19, we will be taking extra precautions. Participants’ vehicles will be spread out in the parking lot and everyone must keep a social distance of six feet both outside and inside the building. It’s actually easy to keep that social distance when you have a dog on a leash with you. We don’t allow “meet and greets” between people and their dogs during ORTs so everyone knows to give each other space.

We hope to see lots of nose work sniffer teams on June 27!

(After reading the premium, if you have questions about the event email Julie Madden for payment issues please email Lee Fuller.

To register or learn more please click on the following link. 

ORT Event