OMG It’s an Encore Week 3

We missed a few days of training last week due to staff illness, so we thought it only fair to keep working with this young Rockin P Rescue crew for our short Thanksgiving Week. Everyone seems pretty pumped to come back!

White Boxer, pink markings, black spots…could he be any cuter? Popcorn has really made progress at meeting new people and letting them love on him. He also loves to play with the orange ball in the play yard. Which is great, because he tires himself out and then he’s ready to snuggle.

Boxers can be bouncy, and Beemer is no exception! But once she burns off some of that puppy energy, she’s ready to shake paws and give kisses. Beemer is mostly white with some tan markings and the cutest black spots on her belly.

Brisket graciously gave up his seat on the van this week so young pup Allis could spend some time at EEC. Thanks Brisket!

She’s only five months old and she’s already cute, and a hoot. Allis is a silly playful girl who chases leaves and chews pine cones. Really, we have better toys, Allis! Her tail is always wagging and it stands up high and to the left.

He’s handsome and he knows it – Max loves to look in the camera for his glamour shot. With his black muzzle and deep dark eyes, Max is sure to win you over. He’s making progress on all his obedience basics.

You’ve got a friend in Paprika – she truly loves meeting people and getting pets and attention. She needs to burn off that hound energy when she first gets out of her crate. But after that, she’s ready to learn new things and always, always please her people.