Old Timers Show Love is Timeless

by Julie Madden

Sniffy and Ramona are doing well in foster care! We’re happy to report that they have learned to get along with five (yes five) other dogs and they show their foster Mom every day how much they appreciate a soft bed and some good food. In fact, they will bark for their breakfast if Mom’s not fast enough to get all those dogs fed!

We love to give our dogs nicknames, don’t we? Well Sniffy is also Niffers, Mr. Niff, Snifferific and Benjamin Buttons – because he seems to be aging in reverse. Ramona is Ms. Mona, Mona Moans and Baby Girl.

We still hope to see this senior couple get adopted to a forever home, one where they can get a bit more undivided attention. Sniffy is a downright hoot, like your funny Grandpa or favorite uncle. He trots and hops around, even battling an 80 lb. Lab to be first to greet Mom when she comes home. He has his favorite spot outside in the backyard in the shade, where he has space to stretch and nap.

Ramona doesn’t have Sniffy’s spring in her step, but she knows when the leash goes on she’s going for a fun walk. She can easily navigate the ramp to get in and out of the doggie door. She is so gentle taking treats, and she gives you a beautiful smile in thanks.

They came to visit us at Encore the other week, and Ramona even got a bath. It was her first real bath in years. She had to sit in the tub as it’s hard for her to stand for a long time. But she settled down and gladly slurped up some peanut butter along the side of the tub, a nice distraction when dogs are nervous about bathing. Afterwords, she gave us a huge grin as if to say OMG thank you I needed that!

At 14 and 15, Sniffy and Ramona deserve a quiet place to just hang out, walk around the yard, and enjoy each others’ company. Senior dogs give us a chance to slow down and reflect on what is really important, and what is just noise. If you are ready to give the gift of opening your heart and home to two senior dogs, Sniffy and Ramona are ready to give you back the gift of love.

Contact the League for Animal Welfare in Anniston, AL for more information on Sniffy and Ramona.

Special thanks to Sherri Shadrock for fostering these two special dogs!