Oh Boy Dogs!

We got five boy dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society, all young and sweet. And even better they all already know “Sit!” Welcome to Week 1 at Encore, guys.

This handsome 14 month old boy is back for his second visit to Encore. Neptune is shy at first, so he needs some extra time to get comfortable around new people and places. He’s already comfortable around other dogs, though.

Year old Cooper is a lot of German Shepherd and a lot of sweetheart. He’s dog friendly and people friendly, but he appreciates being approached quietly. Like some people, some dogs don’t appreciate an over-the-top greeting from a stranger!

Solid like a rock, that’s three year old Avery. He’s a gorgeous blue brindle mix who came in as a stray and is already neutered. Avery’s nickname is Flapjack, because if he decides he doesn’t want to go where you are walking him, sometimes he pancakes right down on the ground! Which of course is so cute you have to pet him, and that is what Avery loves most of all.

Our other three year old this week is tricolor mix Gus. There must be some Husky in this stunning looking guy, with those blue eyes and that funny way he has of talking when he’s in his crate. It’s a cross between singing, humming and howling and it is very unique!

Looking for a big dog? Then meet 18 month old Falkor, a Great Pyrenees mixed with Great Dane or something else really Great Big…Falkor was just surrendered to the shelter earlier this month and he is dog friendly and a gentle giant. Think how handy it is to have a dog you don’t have to bend over to pet!