Oh boy boxers for Christmas!

Oh boy boxers for Christmas! It’s our last Week 1 of the year and we’re so happy to be working with these guys from Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville, Alabama. From youngest to middle aged, help us welcome them. 

Our young pup, Cash is under two years old and like a lot of teenage boys, needs to put on some weight and fill out. He’s a high energy boxer/hound mix who is friendly and happy. He needs a little work on manners and obedience basics but what teenager doesn’t?
Wow, this three year old boxer/Staffordshire Mix is SO handsome. His coat blends from light brown to dark mocha and he has white trim. A.J. was rescued from a rural shelter and the folks at Rockin P are working to help him get comfortable with strangers, so his playful side can shine through. He’s a nice medium size.
Ladies’ man – that’s our Rocky, a strikingly handsome three or four year old American Bulldog mix. To see him now, it’s  hard to believe he was rescued after animal control picked him up weighing less than 30 lbs. With Rockin P’s help, he’s a healthy big boy now and ready to meet a kind forever family. 
What a work ethic – Cameron is thrilled to be back at Encore! He is all about learning new things and working at activities like nose work and agility. This four year old white boxer can be a little intense (especially around cats) and it’s important for him to have a job and not just be a couch potato. 
Meet Roby, a five or six year old classic brindle boxer with a black mask and white markings. Roby was a stray found in Lee County and rescued by Rockin P just a couple of weeks ago. Roby is friendly and has lots of energy to share.