Hey guys! It’s just us best pals, Lil Joe and George dropping by for an update. We have become the dynamic dog duo! We get along so well together and wear ourselves out during play time. We both know Sit, Down, and Wait, Place and Stay. It’s easy for us, we are very quick learners! We still need practice to walk nicely on leash. We do good during our training lessons, but can easily get distracted and then oops, we pull.

I, Lil Joe, am the little guy – but I have more courage and love to go through the tunnel. On the other hand, big George is a scaredy cat and hasn’t done it yet. LOL! We like toys, but treats and belly rubs are our favorite.

Our manners are really improving, all thanks to the staff at Encore. They are our confidence boosters. During the day they call us “handsome men” and tell us we are such good boys! Our furry friends sure were right, Encore is so much fun!

George let me in on a little secret, a rescue group is coming to get him! It’s great for him, but now I’ll be rocking it solo. If you or someone you know can give me a furever home- please come visit me at the Calhoun County Humane Society. I’ll be waiting for you.

Xoxo, Lil Joe (and George)

Please click below to see Lil Joe and George playing together.

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