New Dogs in the New Year!

Happy 2021, everyone! We are thrilled to welcome five new dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society for their Week 1 of training at Encore. Check out these great pups.


Perfect size, perfect personality! Four year old Bruce may be part hound and part German Shepherd, but for sure he is 100% happy dog. Give him a kiss and a back scratch, and he’s in doggie heaven. He’s also good with other dogs. Bruce was surrendered to the shelter the middle of December.


Tan lab mix Zander is two years old and was found abandoned in early December. He’s easy going and has those striking angel wings on his shoulders. Zander’s a nice medium size and can be selective about other dogs.


Senior dog Major is eight years old with that distinctive white starting to color his black fur on his face. This lab is dog friendly and was also surrendered to the shelter in mid-December. He loves his treats! And he loves his squeaky toys! And he loves attention!


Mama Mia, this two year old blue heeler mix needs your help! She as bad flea allergies and needs someone who can help with her treatment. Poor girl is losing some hair and has welts on her legs right now. Even so, Mia is kind, gentle and once she gets to know you, will let her silly side show through. She’s cautious at first, kind of understandable as she was surrendered to the shelter last month and her world is up in the air right now.


This year old mix is just a kid! She’s still got some growing and learning to do. Jasmine’s coat is just gorgeous. Her legs are brindle, her back is black, and she has a few white spots, too. We’re at a loss to guess what breeds she may have in her, but she’s a nice medium size and warms up quickly to people. Jasmine was another December owner surrender.