Moving Through Fear

by Julie Madden

Fearful dogs are extra special to us at Encore, because it breaks our hearts to see them so afraid of the world around them. Grendal is one of those – so scared when he was first brought in as a stray to Rockin P Rescue that he would pee and poop on himself in anyone approached him. They worked with him and made such great progress that he could tolerate getting in a van and coming here. And we’ve been amazed by what he’s been able to accomplish in two short weeks.

Grendal has opened up to people. He is starting to trust and really enjoy human company. In fact, he’s become a little clingy (which is very cute) and that lets us know he needs more work on building his confidence. He is still a little scared of leash walking. He did better when we walked him with a harness.


Fearful dogs may never be social butterflies, but they can absolutely learn to be comfortable in most environments. With time, training and trust, they live happy lives. Grendal is living proof. We love him, and soon enough the right family will fall in love with him, too.

(You can learn more about adopting Grendal at Rockin P Rescue)