Monday Meet the Dogs Update May 11, 2020

It’s a wonderful day-after-Mother’s Day, with sunshine and blue skies. We have one new dog from Calhoun County Humane Society this week, and four that are back for a great Week 2!


Say hello to Roger, a seven year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix and a big boy with a big heart. He’s a chunk at close to 60 lbs and he wears it so well! Roger loves people and prefers to not share them with another dog. He’s been at the shelter since 2013 and is ready to fly the coop and spend his days playing for a while, then snoozing for awhile.


UPDATE: Tucker is making progress! He’s still reserved when he first meets people, and you might think he’s not too outgoing. But as he gets comfortable with you, he becomes more animated. He will even give you a play bow!


UPDATE: After a great week of pool dipping and playing, Wilco gave up his slot at Encore this week to Roger, another long term guest at CCHS. Roger says thank you!


UPDATE: Tessa is also making nice progress in getting used to different people and places. We saw that tail starting to wag! She loves to kick up the dirt after a nice pee outside.


UPDATE: Parker is our star student this week! He loves fetch and will gladly “give” the toy. He’s got a rock solid “sit” and has learned to take treats more gently. His black coat is beautiful in sunlight.

Lil Joe

UPDATE: So the dog with the shortest legs is the only one to conquer the new agility ramp! Lil Joe is such a hoot. He’s needs a bit of time to get to know you and once he does, he is ready to play, work, or hang out with you.