Monday Meet the Dogs

Collage of Sampson, Olivia, Big Ben, Rocky, Clyde and Moose

We have dogs, and more dogs! We welcome four canine characters from the League for Animal Welfare. AND – say hey to our two exchange students from the Pell City shelter. It’s going to be a great Week 1 for everyone.

League For Animal Welfare


Golden green eyes and a red mouth. Ears that can’t decide whether to stand up or flop down. Blocky head and angel wings on his shoulders. He’s all Moose, a young bully mix that’s full of energy. Moose isn’t into the leash walking thing, so we’ll be helping him with that this week.


Downshift from Moose and meet senior dog Olivia, who’s calm and curious and LOVES her treats. Looks like this dog was bred a lot and didn’t always get the care she needed. What she needs now is a home to share her affection and quiet ways.


Here’s Sampson, still a young pup under three years old and a very cute mix of who knows what! He has a beautiful white chest set off by his brindle coat. Sampson loves toys and has lots of energy to share. There’s a story there somewhere about his tail, but Sampson’s not telling.


Remember Rocky, the two-year old lab/pit bull mix? He is back for his encore at Encore. Looks like Rocky needs some refresher training in the whole leash walking concept. He’s a high flying boy that needs room to run.

Pell City Animal Shelter

Big Ben

The word big isn’t big enough to describe Big Ben! He’s an Anatolian Shepherd, a rare breed that originated in Turky for herding livestock. He weighs around 125 lbs. This gentle giant is just under three years old. He’s friendly and playful, and was surrendered when his owner could no longer care for him. Big Ben is going to need a big space to live in, and something to occupy his mind since he’s a working dog.


Clyde is a just a year old, with a twinkle in his eye and a charming smile. He’s a black and white husky lab mix who is a nice size around 60 lbs (half of Big Ben!) Clyde looks like he is going to be very interested in toys once he gets a chance to settle in. He is already interested in people and petting.