Mid-Week Meet the Dogs!

Today we welcome some great new dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society. They are mostly young, except for one. All are special. Check out these guys and girls.


Handsome and only 18 months old, this white male mix was found abandoned in July. He’s already neutered and loves people. He doesn’t love the leash (yet) so we’ll help Franklin with that this week. Check out the spot on the base of his tail!


Meet one year old Melody. She’s a high energy, jumpy chocolate lab mix with a white chest. She was surrendered to the shelter a couple weeks ago. Probably outgrew her puppy cuteness. A lot of adolescent dogs find themselves in the shelter when their owners realize they need training and a way to channel all that energy. Melody is smart and can definitely learn to be a good girl


Beautiful and skittish, sweet Dove needs help learning to trust people again. She’s about three years old and may have some Grayhound or Whippet in her – such long, tall legs made for running. But she’s too scared to run and have fun yet. Encore can help her with that. Dove was a stray brought to the shelter on Valentine’s Day last year.


Here’s the senior of the group, a 10 year old blue pit bull with a gentle soul. Pharaoh loves treats and attention. He may have allergies or something else causing hair loss on his back legs and tail. Pharaoh will sit for a treat (if he has to) and enjoys just hanging out in the shade.


Lottie loves life! She’s a hoot that will throw herself in your arms for a hug or a butt rub. She doesn’t show much interest in toys yet, but this four year old mix may be part hound or pointer, and we think in time she will retrieve toys with gusto. She’s been at the shelter half her life and is more than ready to start her next chapter in a new forever home.