Merry Christmas from Encore

The year is just about done. The days are short, and the rain is cold and dreary. But look inside, and homes are warm and festive and filled with happy voices as people prepare to celebrate the holidays. The only thing that could make it better (we think) – is a dog sitting in the living room. Once abandoned, he was adopted and given a home and a second chance. He watches his people with love as they include him as a valued member of the family. That’s the picture we at Encore have been working for this past year, and it is the picture that carries us forward into 2019. What will 2019 bring for you? For EEC, it brings: a new trainer and new dog class offerings ,a renewed effort to raise funds to make our work sustainable (please donate!), improved outreach through social media and other outlets to share our story, setting up more partnerships with our community, getting more volunteers and improving communication and training for the ones we have. Please stay connected to us throughout the year. Be a part of our journey to help local animal shelters make their dogs more adoptable. If you want to help, check out our Ways to Help page. And most of all, if you are thinking of getting a dog this year, consider the fantastic guys and girls that have been to Encore. You can see them at the Meet the Dogs page, and we are working on a new page on our website to list all the dogs we have worked with that are still available for adoption! Remember, if you adopt an Encore dog, you’ll get not only a great pet but two free training lessons. Best wishes to you, your family and friends. Have a safe and splendid Christmas holiday. Celebrate the new year with love, faith and joy. And hug your furry friends, too!


Tom and Julie Madden Co-founders, EEC

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