Men may be from Mars, but Mars is from Texas! (and so is Lola!)


They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and it rings true with Mars, this very handsome hunk of 80 lb. Great Dane/Plott Hound mix. Mars and Lola were both adopted from a Texas shelter as puppies. Their owners moved to Alabama but could no longer keep them. So he is quickly learning to adopt this great state, and we hope someone will quickly adopt him! He’s about a year old and interested in squeaky toys and treats. He loves people and already knows “sit” and “down.” And when he lies down, he sometimes rolls all the way over asking for a belly rub, please! Mars can be startled by a new person making a sudden movement – this big guy has a sensitive side, too. We are working with him to not jump up on people, and he’s getting better.

Sweet boxer mix Lola isn’t tiny; it’s just that she’s dwarfed by Mars. She’s about 50 lbs and also around a year old. She is a beautiful reddish tan with that distinctive black muzzle. She is smart and easy going and enjoys playing with toys. She and Mars get along but they are not bonded to each other – each is independent and would do fine in a home by themselves. She knows “sit” and is learning about leash walking and making good progress.

Both these fine young dogs are ready for immediate adoption at the Calhoun County Humane Society.