Weeks of April 8, 2019 and April 15, 2019


Kayden Mr. Kayden and Miss Molly could be cousins – he’s also a black lab mix and just a bit bigger at around 60 lbs. Kayden is a hoot and a holler – he was at Encore last year and is back for a return engagement! He’s about six years old and this hunk has been stuck at the shelter for five of those years. He’s high energy and loves running, jumping and playing with toys. Once he’s had a chance to run, he is ready to work for attention or treats.

UPDATE: Kayden is doing so good! He is really improving on leash walking, and he has such a happy-go-lucky attitude. This big boy did great on a play date with Tinkerbell and made some new human friends, too.

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Little Girl

Little Girl This sweet brindle pit bull mix is five years old and another long term resident of the shelter, since October 2015. She can be jumpy, but it’s because she really wants attention and loving! She is all over people and wants to hang out and be friends. She’d be a great match for someone who’s not high energy but rather more laid back. She’s a perfect size, about 40 lbs.

UPDATE: This sweet girl is also making great strides in leash walking and the sit command. She loves to snuggle up to people, especially after a romp on the play yard equipment.

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Ziggy Ziggy is one handsome dog! He’s a tan and white German Shepherd mixed with maybe yellow lab or even Akita – his coat is very striking. He’s about three years old and was surrendered to the shelter a year and a half ago. He SO much wants to be with around people and get to play or train! He knows sit and shake, but needs a bit of work to not jump. He’s a thin 50 lbs and could stand to gain a few.

UPDATE: Ziggy volunteered to stay back so Odyssey could spend some time at Encore.

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Molly Miss Molly is solid black except for a touch of white on her throat. She’s about six years old and is a black lab/boxer mix. This cute girl has been at the shelter since March 2015 when she was brought in as a stray. Being a medium sized black dog, she seems to have been overlooked and she is really ready to find her forever home, and a family to help her with those important dog basics like sit and leash walking. She can be skittish to sudden sounds and movements, but when you go slow and give her some petting and attention, she is SO happy!

UPDATE: Molly also stayed back and gave her spot to hunky Aden.

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Tinkerbell Anyone out there looking for a hunting dog? Then look at Tinkerbell, a female black and tan coonhound/lab mix. She’s two years old and was just recently surrendered by her owner to the shelter. It would be great for her to get adopted out before she learns any bad habits – right now she is very motivated to learn and work. She knows sit and stay, and loves to catch soft toys and earn treats.

UPDATE: This is one focused hunting dog – she loves to learn new things and have a job. Sweet Tinker did great on her play date with Kayden and is walking nicely on leash now. She can be a bit mouthy, still, so we are helping her learn to take treats easy.

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Aden Aden, a five year old black and white pit bull mix weighing about sixty lbs. Aden is another Kayden look alike! He’s very friendly with people but doesn’t get along with other dogs. He loves stuffed animal toys and needs help with his basic dog commands. This guy has lived almost his entire life in the shelter so he really needs some time to learn how to have fun and just be a dog. And we are so happy to help him with that!

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Odyssey Odyssey is having a great time at Encore. She’s a two – three year old gray and brown pit bull mix, but a small mix at only 30 lbs or so. And look at those ears! She has been at the shelter since last August and is calm and loves the rope tug toy.

To adopt please fill out the Calhoun County Humane Society adoption form.

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