Meet the Dogs Weeks of Sept. 14 and 21, 2020

Collage of Tank, Porter, Leo, Cameron and Ben

White boxers, brown boxers, young boxers, boy boxers! What a wonderful crew from Rockin P Rescue, here for Week 1 at Encore. Pay attention or you might get them confused – the difference is in the details.


White boxer Ben is two years old and all legs. He was surrendered due to a change in family circumstances and they couldn’t keep him anymore. Look at that face! Ben has natural eye liner and mascara coloring that highlights his dark brown eyes. He’s a silly young boy who loves people and so far, isn’t interested in toys.


Another owner surrender, Leo is our shyest of the group (although he still likes to approach people for treats). So slow and easy is how we’ll be helping him build his self-confidence. This brown and white boxer is also two years old and still a teenager. He has this cute habit of carrying his leash in his mouth.


Do you remember Cameron? He was adopted but unfortunately returned as it didn’t work out. So he’s back at Encore for a refresher and a do-over. Cameron is the oldest in the group, at four years old. He’ another white boxer with those very cute pink highlights on his face and ears.


Our other brown and white boxer, two year old Porter was a stray and brought to Rockin P just two weeks ago. He is a friendly guy but sudden movements or funny noises can startle him. When that happens, he’ll bark at whatever made the noise or movement to say – “Hey, who do you think you are?” I’m trying to focus here!”


Yep, it’s ANOTHER white boxer boy, two-three years old with a full tail and lots of spots just under his coat. Tank is a smart guy. Too smart, in one case, as this young guy has been adopted and returned because he knows how to climb a chain link fence. Even a six-foot one, argh! We’re going to try to show Tank that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and to enjoy what life has to offer on the inside of the fenced yard.