Weeks of May 6 – 27, 2019

by Julie Madden 

It’s a sunny Monday and a very exciting day at Encore – today we start working with dogs from the Calhoun County Animal Control! We are happy that the County will be sending dogs here so we can help them become more adoptable. They are starting with two dogs and will be sending more as they get in the pipeline to be vetted. Help us say welcome to our newest partner shelter and some very cute dogs!


Meet Sassy, a year old female Jack Russell terrier/Dachshund mix. She’s 25 lbs. and a true character (and with all those spots, you’ve got to be!) Sassy likes toys and playing fetch. She’s familiar with being on a leash, but still needs some work on “sit.” She likes cheese treats.



Sassy is so great! This year old dynamo will retrieve all day long. She just loves fetch, and brings the toy right back so you can throw it again and again and again…She’s really getting good at loose leash walking, too.


Hailey is also about a year old. This female Catahoula Leopard Dog mix is only 35 lbs., so she’s mixed with something smaller – maybe a terrier or even Pug? She likes soft toys and is also a cheese treat fan, though she is mouthy right now when she takes treats. So we’ll work on that this week.



Hooray – Hailey had a breakthrough and learned how to “sit!” We all cheered. She’s also improving on her leash walking, but it looks like she’s not great with other dogs. This gorgeous girl may need to be the only dog in the household.

We’re thrilled to be working with the Calhoun County Animal Control dogs again this week at Encore. AND, we got a special visit from a new League for Animal Welfare dog, too. Meet Mena!


Mena’s a small dog that somehow looks bigger in all her pictures. While her markings suggest Black Mouth Cur or German Shepherd mix, her size suggests some Pug or Australian Terrier? Whatever the combination, this 2-3 year old female is only 25 lbs. or so. She’s a recent owner surrender to the League. Mena is a bit shy when she first meets you, but she quickly warms up and then loves to snuggle.

New Dogs from Calhoun County Animal Control

The County shelter is getting into their rhythm and they had more dogs to send to Encore today! We are so happy to be working with these two new guys and girl, all strays that are looking for a home.


Australian Shepherd mix Chloe is about two years old with soulful blue eyes. She is friendly and sweet and likes people, especially if they give treats or some much needed attention. She’s almost pure white with just a hint of tan highlights and a few black spots.


Have you ever seen a liver colored German Shepherd? They are pretty rare. They have green eyes and a light reddish brown color on their face, instead of black. Two year old Jack is one of these. It looks like Jack has been through some rough times. He’s shy and somewhat fearful of a leash. However, we saw a lot of potential in his first day at Encore and are encouraged that with some patience and time to de-stress, this boy will really blossom.


According to Buddy’s teeth, he’s about 4-6 years old. But he looks much younger, and we noticed him gnawing on his crate. So the teeth may be worn down prematurely. Buddy’s a golden retriever mix, perhaps with some yellow lab. He’s definitely full grown, and a nice size – around 50 lbs. He wasn’t too fond of his bath, but he did like his play time outside and some petting from staff and volunteers!