Meet the Dogs Weeks of May 6 -27, 2019

Another hot week with some hot dogs from Calhoun County Animal Control! They are sweet and special and sensationally cute. Check them out. If you see your “meant to be” new friend, contact Animal Control to start the adoption process.


Yellow lab mix Yogi reminds us of a little bear cub! This four-six year old male may also have some golden retriever or spitz-type dog mixed in. He’s a nice medium size and is quick to warm up to new people. Go Yogi!


Jack is back and better than ever. We are so proud of the progress he is making. There is a silly goofy boy starting to emerge as Jack is getting less scared and more curious. Jack is a liver German Shepherd under two years old. He is heartworm positive – but the good news is, we have a commitment to pay for his treatment!  (UPDATE:  Jack was adopted!)


What a great dog! We aren’t the only ones to think so – a rescue group fell in love with Chloe and she will be transported to her forever home this week. So long to a sweet girl!  (UPDATE:  Chloe was adopted!)


Two or three year old Buddy is a male golden retriever/lab mix who loves to talk, play and (sometimes) have his own way! We’re working on leash walking and he is improving.


Meet Sassy, a year old female Jack Russell terrier/Dachshund mix. She’s 25 lbs. and a true character (and with all those spots, you’ve got to be!) Sassy likes toys and playing fetch. She’s familiar with being on a leash, but still needs some work on “sit.” She likes cheese treats.


Hailey is also about a year old. This female Catahoula Leopard Dog mix is only 35 lbs., so she’s mixed with something smaller – maybe a terrier or even Pug? She likes soft toys and is also a cheese treat fan, though she is mouthy right now when she takes treats. So we’ll work on that this week.


Handsome Harley got to come to Encore this week and he is already making lots of friends!  In fact, Harley’s approach is “Hooman!  A new friend! Some one to pet me!  Yay!”  He’s a year or so old white and tan pit bull mix with a skin allergy that’s making his back legs break out.  We gave him a bath to settle it down and make him more comfortable.  We are looking forward to working with this great guy!