Meet the Dogs – Weeks of June 3 and 10, 2019

Meet the Dogs – Weeks of June 3 and 10, 2019

Happy Monday to a new group of great dogs! This cute and (mostly) cuddly crew is from the League for Animal Welfare. You’ll recognize a few, and meet some new ones too.


Who do you picture as that ultimate “Benji” dog? Well we think sweet Dori comes pretty close. She is still a pup, just six to eight months old and about 30 lbs. Our best guess for breed is a mix of Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and Border terrier. Look at her coat colors! Dori is so friendly and smart – she’s seems really eager to learn. She already knows sit and down, and shows some interest in toys, too. She’s spayed and ready to find her forever home.

Liza Jane

Only a year old, this ten pound female chihuahua was a stray who has been at the shelter a month. It’s hard to imagine this small, delicate dog surviving on the streets or in the woods. Probably why she is kind of shy, especially outside. Liza Jane needs a chance to get more comfortable with people and places and noises and spaces. Then we can help her learn the basics like leash walking.


Welcome back Patch! This female four or five year old Red Heeler mix danced with joy when she saw the Encore van pull up to get her. She’s a smart girl with a calm energy and a twinkle in her eye. Patch is doing great on her obedience basics. She would be a devoted pet and she is ready to make that forever commitment.


Bae is doing a full summer semester at Encore. We are spending extra time with Bae to help her take her game to the next level. This three or four year old Border Collie mix is slowly learning that people can be trusted. She loves other dogs, and likes the people she has gotten to spend time with. She still is not happy about meeting new people, though. Patience is a real virtue when is comes to working with Bae – and someday she will pay it back in spades to the right family.


Have you ever met a deaf dog? Thanks to Jodie, everyone at Encore is learning lots about how to train, love and communicate with a dog that can’t hear. And if you adopt this sweet senior Catahoula Dog/Smooth Collie mix, we’ll be happy to provide two free lessons to share what we’ve learned. Jodie is mellow and calm. Sometimes she seems a bit sad, probably because she’s been at the shelter several months. She could use a walking partner to help her lose a few pounds.