Meet the Dogs Weeks of June 29 and July 6, 2020

Blast from the Past

We’ve got new dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society – but wait! Four of them have been here before and are back for a return engagement. Help us welcome them back, and say hey to Jack Jack for his first visit to Encore.

Jack Jack

Four year old Jack Jack was a stray found in Jacksonville right after the March 2018 tornado. He was never claimed and has been at the shelter for two years now. This high energy mix (maybe some Great Dane and bully or hound?) is a bouncy guy who is in heaven with people, toys and attention! He is OK with some dogs but not others (he’s better with females). Check out his one blue and one brown eye.


Black lab/Plott hound mix Parker is two years old and a bit thin at 40 lbs. He loves people and like Jack Jack, he’s OK with some dogs but not with others. And he’s got no patience for cats. He does have patience for sitting to get a treat, though!


Senior dog Tucker’s about nine years old and we’re so happy to see how much more outgoing he is for his second visit to Encore. He’s a striking white and gray color with a short tail. He may be part Anatolian Shepherd or Husky. Tucker’s a nice sized dog around 50 lbs. and isn’t fond of other dogs in his personal space. But he is getting so much better about people in his personal space, especially if they have a nice treat or kind word.


Gracie is aging as gracefully as she can in her long term shelter life. She was an owner surrender back in 2013 and at age eight, still hasn’t found her forever home. She has a few beautiful brown spots on her white fur and reminds us of a pointer or springer spaniel mix. Gracie is shy at first. She needs a bit more time to warm up, but you can literally see her start to relax and her face softens up into a smile when she spends time with you.

Lil Girl

Get ready to laugh – here comes six-year old brindle mix Lil Girl! She is over the moon to get some loving and affection, and gives it right back. She is a nice medium size at maybe 40 lbs. She will play and run around, then is so happy to settle down with a person and cuddle. We think her white bib on her chest is very cute, too.