Meet the Dogs Weeks of June 17 and 24, 2019

Meet the Dogs Weeks of June 17 and 24, 2019

Feels like summer is here, and so are some sizzling new dogs from the Calhoun County Humane Society! Some are young and some are not so young. But they are all great dogs and ready to find their forever home.


This year old male mostly Boxer mix is a hoot! George has that Boxer sense of fun and adventure. He’s about 50 lbs. He loves playing with toys! He loves people too. He needs a bit of work on obedience basics, so we’re going to help this young pup learn about walking nicely on leash and not jumping for attention.

UPDATE:  George is really starting to look forward to coming to Encore – he loaded nicely in the van right away.  He is also improving on the whole “I guess you want me to walk nicely on the leash” thing.



Marley is a black and white male bulldog/dalmatian mix who’s been at the shelter for three of his four years. He is SO ready to go home! He is sweet, likes people and already knows sit and shake. Check out the big and little spots on this cute character. Marley’s about 45 lbs.

UPDATE: We introduced Marley to the play yard equipment and he is working very hard to get over his fear of going through the tunnel.  What a cute boy!  The big black spot on his back looks like someone used a magic marker and the color ran around the edges.

Lil Joe

OMG, this is one interesting looking dog! If you love standing out in a crowd and being your own person, well Lil Joe is the dog for you. Our best guess is Bassett Hound/Lab/German Shepherd mix. His ears are huge and his legs are short, but he is all about being sweet and getting some much needed attention. He’s a little over a year old and a nice size at 35 lbs.

UPDATE:  Lil Joe loves to work and learn new things!  He is very attentive and motivated.  And of course, with his huge head and ears, and stubby little legs, he is a conversation starter.


Senior dog Remi is 8+ years old and a black Lab/flat coated retriever mix. Remi is around 40 lbs and we’d like to see him put on another five lbs. Speaking of seeing, this recent owner surrender has some issue with his left eye – maybe cherry eye or a growth, but we think he can’t see out of it at this point. It doesn’t stop him from finding a person and absorbing all the love and affection he can get. He would be a great dog for someone looking for an easygoing companion.

UPDATE:  We figured out that Remi is not as old as we thought – he’s more in the four-ish year old range.  But he does have that old dog soul – he works hard for about 10 minutes and then is ready to lie down and hang out.  He would be a great companion to a low to medium energy human!


It’s Nina’s Encore at Encore – this great three year old female mountain cur mix was here in November of 2017. She still needs a home and is hoping the perfect person is out there looking for her. Nina’s full of energy and makes everyone smile. She loves toys but loves people more. She doesn’t love all other dogs, though – she’s a bit bossy with some. Her brindle colored markings are really gorgeous.

UPDATE:  Happy to report that the medicine seems to be helping Nina’s ear infections.  She’s not shaking her head as much.  She’s playing more, too – this girl loves squeaker toys!  And she just seems a bit calmer with the other dogs.