Meet the Dogs Weeks of June 1 and 8, 2020

Boxers, boxers, everywhere – and an English bulldog for laughs! Welcome to Week 2 with Rockin P Rescue dogs at Encore. Here’s their updates.


The look is all boxer but the drool reminds us of a mastiff or St. Bernard! Aries is funny and focused and loves to learn. He’s doing the best of the group so far at walking nicely on leash. He’s very athletic, too and is all over the playground equipment.


This silly six-year old acts much younger. She has this quirky thing she does if you start stomping your feet – she thinks its an invitation to join in the fun. She will nip around your feet and get spun up. She’s easily re-directed to other activities, but she may not be the perfect fit for a clogging family…


We now know that Hank is not a fan of baths, and he needs a bit longer to warm up to men than women (who he needs no time at all to warm up to). He’s an absolute silly mess who still needs some work on his loose leash walking. And he’s always happy – except when he’s getting that bath.


This tan and white sweetheart is so happy. She’s missing some teeth so a lot of her smiles include her tongue hanging out to the side. We think it just adds to her charm! She’s a wiz at “sit” and is now learning “down.”


Brindle and white Jada was the only dog that seemed to really enjoy her bath last week. She can look sad but then you call her over for a pet or a treat and she grins from dog ear to dog ear! She’s working on the “wait” command as she’s already a champ at “sit.”