Meet the Dogs – Weeks of July 8 and 15, 2019

Meet the Dogs – Weeks of July 8 and 15, 2019

We welcome four of our favorites for Week 1 with the League for Animal Welfare – Bae, Krista, Jodie and Patch! They are glad to be at air conditioned Encore for fun, training, treats, and lots more.


This female five-ish year old Red Heeler mix is a hoot and a holler. Heelers tend to be really attached to their owner but not so excited about a whole crowd of people, and Patch is no exception. She’s likes everyone OK, but it’s clear her favorite of the Encore crew is trainer Alex. Patch would love nothing better than to really attach herself to her new forever owner. She would be a devoted pet, and has a calm energy and a twinkle in her eye.


Sweet, shy two year old beagle mix Krista loves hanging out. She often gets to do that in the staff’s office at Encore, where she makes herself at home lying down in a corner. Krista continues to make slow progress towards coming out of her shell. She enjoys treats and romps outside.


We are spending extra time with Bae to help her make that breakthrough and trust people again. . This three or four year old Border Collie mix is slowly coming around. She loves other dogs, and likes the people she has gotten to spend time with. She still is not happy about meeting new people, though. But the right person or family that can give her the time she needs will be paid back in full with this beautiful girl’s loyalty.


Jodie is a six or seven year old Catahoula Dog/Smooth Collie mix, who happens to be deaf. We’re learning lots about how to use hand signals to train and communicate with her, and will be happy to share that with the family that adopts this mellow and calm girl. Jodie could use a walking partner to help her lose a few pounds – is that you?