Meet the Dogs Weeks of April 22 and 29, 2019

What a beautiful Monday after Easter, and a great day to celebrate our new dogs from the League for Animal Welfare! Actually, you should recognize some of these faces and stories – they are among our favorites, and they all could use some de-stress time away from the shelter.


Sweet shy Krista and her litter mate Sister are both just over a year old now. These beagle/hound mixes are works in progress. Krista has put on quite a bit of weight in the last few months (haven’t we all!) and could use a walking buddy. The problem is, she is still shy about meeting new people. She needs someone with lots of patience and time to help her be comfortable enough to do the basics like walk and sit.


Like Krista, Sister has put on some weight (about 35 lbs now) and would do so much better if she was out of the shelter and in a home. She can feel intimidated when there are new people around and she will go hide behind someone she knows. If we can just help her to feel more comfortable with her surroundings, she could be such a happy girl!

Suzie Q

Senior dog Suzie Q smiles ALL the time! For a dog that has spent over six years at the shelter, this 12 year old Lab/Plott hound mix has the most easy going and positive attitude. She still has some get up and go, and loves hanging out with people getting some petting or being brushed. She would need to be the only animal in a household, though – she doesn’t do well with other pets (is a chicken considered a pet? She doesn’t like those either).


Here’s Jodie, an eight year old deaf Catahoula Leopard Dog/hound mix. She is being boarded at the League while her owners work to get their housing situation fixed. She’s been there a few months and needed a break to refresh on basic skills and have some fun. She’s friendly and engaging, and enjoys treats.


Oh boy, Bae. What can we say? This four-five year old Border Collie mix is not a snuggle bunny. She needs time and space, neither or which are available in a shelter environment. With patience, and outside of the confines of a kennel or crate, she does better with people. And she gets along well with dogs – in fact that’s about the only time she smiles is in the company of her own kind. Bae would be a good companion to someone who is willing to commit to making the relationship work.