Meet the Dogs Week of January 27, 2020

Whirl wind Week 2 looks to be as fun as Week 1 with these great LAW dogs! We’ve got some new faces and updates on others.


New girl Bess clearly wants to be your BEST friend. She’s a year old black spaniel/terrier mix and is very friendly! She also loves toys – she already knows fetch and will gladly “give” the toy back so you can throw it for her again. Bess is just under 15 lbs. and would be perfect for someone looking for a smaller dog with lots of character.


UPDATE: Mr. Jack is getting the hang of that leash walking thing, good boy. We are working with him this week on the concept of “wait” – at the door and getting out of his crate. He’s looking for fun and excitement so “wait” doesn’t make a lot of sense to him right now!

Maggie (AKA Puppy 8)

UPDATE: Maggie’s improving on her leash walking and is getting much braver about checking out new things. She even went through the tunnel in the play yard and is more comfortable meeting new people. Her brown fur seems to be getting lighter so her black stripe down the middle shows up more.

Halle (AKA Molly)

UPDATE: This is one smart pup! Halle is doing great on all her obedience basics, including walking nicely on leash.


UPDATE: Patch continues to be a quiet, calm girl. She knows the basics and we are focusing on soclalizing her with lots of new people. Patch is looking for a walking partner to help her lose a few holiday pounds.


UPDATE: Snax is so ready to find her forever home – the shelter environment is making her a bit protective when she is in her crate. Once she is out and about, she’s fine. Well, she’s fine with people. She would prefer to be the only dog in the picture, though. Snax is super smart and a nice medium size.


UPDATE: We think this girl knows just how cute and smart she is! She will entertain herself with a toy for 15 minutes or more – it’s something to see. We are working with her on the “give” command because once she has a favorite toy to play with, she’d just as soon hang on to it. The “give’ command is pretty easy to teach when you have another toy or treat that is even higher value, and show her that “giving” up one gets her something even better.