Meet the Dogs Week of 10/19/20

It’s a new Week 1 at Encore and hold on to your hat – we have dogs from both the League for Animal Welfare and Pell City Animal Control Center! We love a full house, and these great guys and one gal really make us smile. Plus most are just young pups ready to rock their whole new lives.

League for Animal Welfare


Golden retriever mix Buddy is about a year old and loves fun, fun fun. He plays fetch and totally enjoys attention. Where did he get those soulful green eyes? Buddy’s a solid 65 lbs.


How handsome! Six month old Boomer is a smaller size pup who loves people, except when they want him to walk with that darn leash. He’ll need some slow and gentle going to learn that the leash actually means good things, like a nice walk. We think he’s a mix of Anglo-French hound and something else!


Another pup! Bucket’s just nine months old and a red bone coonhound mix. He’s an owner surrender and is a super sweet boy who just needs some help with obedience basics. We’ve got your number, Bucket! He also hates the leash and we need to remind him not to jump.


Check out those blue eyes! Leo is a two year old husky mixed with Basenji, and about 35 lbs. He is already neutered. Leo loves his belly rubbed.

Pell City Animal Shelter


Meet lab/pit bull mix Esmeralda. She’s about two years old and came from Anniston to the Pell City Shelter. This American Staffordshire Terrier mix is full of energy and a jumpy girl – we’ll be working with her to remember that “four on the floor” is the polite way to greet humans!


Big man Mongo’s actually just a boy – he’s only a year old. This stunning hound mix can be shy at first, but then he really blossoms. Mongo is about 55 lbs and was surrendered to the shelter in September.