Meet the Dogs Update Week of September 7, 2021

These pups had a long Labor Day weekend and that extra time off put them a bit behind on their leash walking skills. They apparently all want to get to Encore so bad they are willing to pull hard on the leash to get there! No worries; we’re working with them to be more calm while walking.

Our shy guy Neptune made a new friend with volunteer Alvin, and that was a big step for him since Alvin is a big guy in a hat. Neptune walks the best of the  bunch on leash.

German Shepherd mix Cooper was all over greeting our Action volunteers and decided they were his new best friends!  He’s really smart but can get distracted during leash training.

Avery likes to meet new people slowly, and be petted on his shoulders or chest first. That helps him decide the person is OK, and then he gives a cute little tail wag and leans in closer for MORE petting!

Gus welcomed our Action volunteers with open paws and a big smile. He’s learned sit and down and is happy to show off his new skills for some treats and petting!

Our big dog Falkor is calm and collected. He likes to meet new people slowly at first and then he warms up quickly when he knows you’re OK.  He’s a little thin for his size – he’s still a growing boy!