Meet the Dogs Update Rockin P Rescue 6.16.20

Wait a minute – Week 3 with Rockin P? What a great deal! Since we were closed a couple days we didn’t want the Rockin P pooches to miss their time at Encore, so they’re back for the rest of this week. Here’s an update and a video of each dog strutting his or her stuff. Well, all except sweet Jessie. She played pretty hard this weekend and is a little stiff, so she stayed back at the Rockin P kennels to rest.


Silly and sociable, Jada learned how to underwater dive to get a treat in the wading pool!


Our favorite working class dog, Aries makes the outdoor tunnel look easy.


Most dogs ignore the oversized red ball, but not Hank. Watch him herd it in the play yard.


She sits like a champ, and looks like one too. Athena’s a stocky strong girl who loves everyone.

Click to see the Rockin P dogs in action.