Meet the Dogs Update Oct. 26, 2020

Gray skies are not holding back these guys! (Well, one gal, too) Welcome to Week 2 with our great pups from the League for Animal Welfare and Pell City Animal Control.

League for Animal Welfare


UPDATE: Buddy got to meet Leo through the fence and was very excited about that. And Buddy got to meet volunteer Linda and got very excited about that, too. Buddy gets pretty excited about meeting anyone that will give him some attention!


Boomer stayed back so Rocky could take his spot – Rocky says thanks!


Rocky’s been to Encore before and is making good progress. He’s a silly, sweet three year old who is undergoing heartworm treatment and will be ready to adoption soon. He LOVES toys.


Bucket stayed back so Moose could take his spot – Moose is over the moon with thanks!


Green eyes and ears that just can’t decide to stay up or down, that’s Moose. This bully mix is another Encore repeat, and we’re still working to help him and Rocky with the whole leash walking thing.


UPDATE: Leo’s a hoot and a literal howl. He has the cutest way of talking when he’s in his crate, a “woo woo woo” sound. Getting attention and running in the play yard are the favorite things on his to-do list!


We made some extra room this week for Exekiel, the dog who was an abuse case and has found his way back to being a joyful boy again. This sweet guy weighed only 13 pounds when the League took him in and nursed him back to health. Now a sturdy 35 lbs or so, Ezekiel is so happy and full of energy!

Pell City Animal Shelter


UPDATE: Who really loves toys? Yep, Esmeralda. She’s also pretty fond of treats, too – but a squeaky toy tops her list of must-have accessories for the classroom.


UPDATE: Mongo’s getting much more confident about meeting new people. He’s an athletic boy that loves to play and learn new things. Well, except for leash walking, but he is getting better at that.