Meet the Dogs Update May 26, 2020

The dogs had a hot Memorial Day weekend and are back for Week 2! Here’s some updates on their progress.


UPDATE: We are thrilled that Beverly seems to be enjoying (really enjoying!) her time at Encore. Her eyes are shiny. Her face is soft with loose lips and an open mouth – signs of a relaxed dog. She walked up to the van this morning and put her front paws up on the crate and looked around to say “Come on, boost me up! I’m ready to go!”


UPDATE: Thor was adopted as soon as he got back to the League on May 18! Have a happy life, buddy.

Susie Q

UPDATE: Smiling Susie Q keeps on truckin, despite being pretty frail. She never met a stranger and she so loves her treats. She’s lost some weight and we think it’s just her age. We personally would like to see someone adopt her and spoil her enough to put on 2-3 lbs.


UPDATE: Roxy is beautiful and needs some help with the basics. She didn’t come to Encore the last few days so Kong could take her place. We look forward to working with sweet Roxy some more.


UPDATE: Rocky seems to finally be making a breakthrough on the whole loose leash walking concept! He wants to run up and greet everyone he sees, but we are trying to remind him that he needs to do so politely.


UPDATE: Luna was adopted on Friday, May 22! She’s bound to be making her humans laugh already.


Two year old Hungarian Vizla/American Staffordshire Terrier mix Kong is as bouncy as his name. He’s medium sized with an extra large spirit. We’re working to help him focus and learn some basic obedience this week.