Meet the Dogs UPDATE: March 9, 2020

Everyone is celebrating a few days with no rain, including our pups from the League for Animal Welfare! Here’s an update on everyone PLUS we have two new dogs to introduce.


More siblings and more lucky dogs recently pulled from Calhoun County Animal Control. Here’s Jack. He’s about eight months old, a good medium size between 35-40 lbs. He will probably will grow a bit more. His thick fur is brownish black with very cool white markings on his chest. Jack is a little more reserved than his sister, but is ready to warm up once he gets to know you.


Diane is Jack’s sister or maybe half-sister? She got more of the white markings and her ears stand half up, while Jack’s are all floppy. We’re going with lab mix for both. Diane’s slightly bigger than Jack and she’s more outgoing than Jack when she first meets new people. But they both LOVE to run in the play yard! We will be working with these youngsters on their basics this week, like “leash? What’s a leash?”


UPDATE: Honey’s character is really starting to shine! She’s getting more comfortable with new people and starting to show that sassy side.


UPDATE: Gentle pup Cher had to go back to the vet’s to have her spay sutures re-done, so she’s missed a few days at Encore. But she is healing nicely and hopefully will get to play this week.


UPDATE: Goofball alert! Major is SO funny. He loves people and playing, but is also a hard worker. He is making huge progress on his basic commands.


UPDATE: Brother Ajax met lots of people last week and he’s doing great. He and his sisters are so happy they can’t contain themselves.


UPDATE: Sister Amber also did great with meeting new folks and she’s starting to enjoy all that attention. She’s a speedster!


UPDATE: When Ayra is outside with three people, she runs from one to the next, getting her fill of petting and loving. She tries not to jump but sometimes her enthusiasm gets the better of her!


UPDATE: Sonny got adopted!!