Meet the Dogs UPDATE January 25, 2021

Meet the Dogs UPDATE January 25, 2021
Two new and two to review – here’s an update on four great guys from the League for Animal Welfare!
UPDATE: Sweet pup Elvis has learned sit and down. His left rear leg may have an injury as he favors it and moves it out to one side when he sits. But, he has no problem running! He loves to go down the slide in the play yard and he’s doing better on his loose leash walking, too. Breakthrough moment – he finally started playing with a toy!
UPDATE: Cash is improving on walking nicely on leash, and that’s a good thing since he is one big dog! He’s also mastered the sit and shake commands. He can be shy when he first meets a new person, but it doesn’t take him long to warm up. He LOVES squeaky toys!
Welcome Jude! What an adorable big baby. Jude was brought in as a stray two weeks ago. He is at most a year old and still has some growing to do. Jude must have some hound dog in him, as well as black lab or another good sized breed. Jude absolutely loves to be held and petted.
Stray dog Red is a little more aloof than Jude – he needs to check you and smell you a couple times before he warms up to petting. And that’s OK cause not everyone wants a 45 lb. lap dog! Red’s about three years old and looks like a hound-shepherd mix. He’s thin right now and could stand to put on some weight. Red has some scars on his nose and legs and it looks like life is only going to get better.