Meet the Dogs Update June 10, 2019

Suzie Q close up
Susie Q running

We’re headed into Week 2 with our great dogs from the League for Animal Welfare! We love their eagerness to come to Encore to meet new people and learn new things. And we got a return visit from one of our wonderful League lifers – Suzie Q!


UPDATE: Patch is showing some of that signature Heeler stubbornness and it is so cute (but we try not to laugh and encourage her). She knows Sit and Down, but sometimes she will act like she forgets until you say it more firmly, or else walk away like you are not going to work with her anymore. Then she does it! She loves to have a job, though – if you need something herded, Patch is your girl.

Liza Jane

UPDATE: This tiny girl is starting to relax a bit more around people. She has some moments where she starts to smile and enjoy her surroundings – yay!


UPDATE: Miss Jodie would prefer to sit on a soft blanket to the hard floor – wouldn’t we all? We are continuing to work on a good way to recall her. She’s got her Sit and Down commands pretty good (better if she can sit or lie down on that soft blanket). If you need to walk more for exercise, Jodie would be a great walking partner.


UPDATE: Dori is a very smart dog. She knows Sit and Down like a champ, and is very friendly around new people. She has that playful rough and tumble terrier attitude, too.


UPDATE: We’ve said it before – Bae is never going to be a lovey, kissy lap dog. She’s getting much better at tolerating new people, and even enjoying hanging out with the people she knows. But she’s only truly happy and carefree around other dogs.

Suzie Q

Suzie Q ran to the Encore van this morning and insisted, in her sweet and sassy way, that she get to go. This great dog still has pep in her step and will jog around the play yard. She loves to sit in the sand box (but not dig in it). Mostly, she loves people and attention.