Meet the Dogs Update 9/2/19

It may be a holiday, but the CCHS dogs continue to make progress as we begin Week 2! Here’s an update on how these great pups are doing.


Guess who turned out to be the Legacy Village senior tour favorite! We were a bit careful thinking Polo might try to jump, but he was an absolute gentleman. And because he loves people so much, he was happy to go up to each person and say hi. His reward was a bath – probably not what Polo had in mind, but as long as there’s peanut butter to lick up while getting washed, he was OK with it.


This gorgeous brindle boy is still cautious as first with new people, but it doesn’t take long for him to relax once he gets to know you. We got a new batch of complimentary Kong toys this week (thank you to Kong Company – they rock!) and Buzz was abuzz checking them out.

Sweet Pea

Our senior girl is living up to her name, being sweet and easy going with all the people she meets. She was also a big hit with the senior citizens during last week’s tour. And she was calm as a clam when she got her bath, too.a


There is definitely a twinkle in Twiggy’s eye – she is our class clown. She is smart and fast and loves to kick up her heels in the play yard. She knows sit and down, and we are practicing her recall command.


Here’s another smart girl – Wanda is a quick learner and wants to please. This lab mix with the striking eyes is ready for fun, treats, and then a chance to just hang out with her human. She can’t wait to find out who that forever human is going to be!