Meet the Dogs Rockin P Rescue

Hooray for Hazel, and the other dogs from Rockin P Rescue, too! It’s a great Week 2 at Encore with these playful pups. Spoiler alert:  some of the Week 1 dogs were rescued!

2022 is looking to be a much better year for nine-month old Hazel, who had to have her left front leg amputated last fall due to an injury and nerve damage. She gets around great! She runs and plays with the best of her four-legged friends. Hazel loves people and attention.

Brisket is just over a year old and still full of playful puppy energy. But he also likes his “down time,” where he can snuggle up and get pets and belly rubs. He’s very tolerant of cats.

Sweet Sugar lives up to her name! She easily approaches new people and is an absolute wiggle butt when she gets pets and loving. She doesn’t seem to know what toys are yet, but we think this adult white Boxer will figure that out soon enough. If she wasn’t named Sugar, she could be called Spots – one brown spot on her head and dozens across her back and belly.

Paprika, Allis and Fergie
Rescued! Good luck with your new lives and forever families.