Meet the Dogs Rockin P Rescue 6.2.20

Nothing makes our hearts happier than new dogs who already LOVE LOVE LOVE new people! So we’re over the moon with these great guys and gals from Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville. Help us welcome them to Week 1 at Encore. They’re all boxer/boxer mixes except Hank who has English bulldog written all over him!


Five year old Aries was surrendered along with Athena back in March. He is ready to rock and roll into his new forever home. They have been together since they were puppies so it would be ideal if they could be adopted together, but not required. Aries gets along with some other dogs. He’s got that gorgeous boxer physique.


Athena is six years old with beautiful tan and white markings. She loves Aries, but other dogs not so much. She’s curious with a great medium energy. She’s a bit smaller than Aries and they sure make a nice couple!


From his cute overbite smile to his corkscrew tail, Hank makes you laugh a LOT! He’s always smiling and working the audience for pets and belly rubs. This four year old was surrendered after his owners divorced and neither could keep him. He’s already neutered, seems OK with other dogs, and has a personality much bigger than himself – and he’s a tank!


Boxer beauty Jessie is back for her encore at Encore, and we couldn’t be happier. From her tough past of being an overbred and underloved yard dog, Jessie has blossomed into a silly, sassy girl. She’s five years old, but she often acts like a puppy! But then she’s happy to settle down and just hang out. Jessie’s just perfect for someone.


Here’s four year old Jada. She also has a tough past of breeding and being handed off to different owners. She deserves better. Jada is quiet at times but then you see that twinkle in her eye, and she starts prancing and giving kisses. She loves being petted!