Meet the Dogs – October 12, 2020

Tired of the rain? Yep, after a very wet weekend, we’ll ready to dry off for Week 2 with our special crew from Calhoun County Humane Society. Here’s an update on each pooch.


UPDATE: Hey, Bodie – we think you may have some white boxer mixed in with your American bulldog – you sure have boxer moxie! Bodie is full of fun, from the twinkle in his eye to the way he can jump up and down effortlessly on the playground equipment. He’s getting better at taking treats gently, too.


UPDATE: This beautiful Catahoula mix continues to grow her confidence with strangers. She still likes to bark at you through the fence, but she’s eager to interact and knows sit and down.


UPDATE: Three year old Dove is making super progress – she actually got the zoomies for just a minute in the play yard! Her tail wags so much now, and she is much braver with meeting people. Of course, people with hot dog treats are especially welcome.


UPDATE: Look at Pharaoh running in the play yard and eating up all the attention he can get. This kind old soul still has some get up and go! He loves to shake hands and is pretty easy to walk on a leash.


UPDATE: This is the pup for you if you want a more independent dog who doesn’t need lots of attention. Now, he likes people just fine, but he LOVES patrolling the play yard and being on the lookout for squirrels, birds, cats, or anything with an interesting smell. We’re working to help him remember not to jump when he does want that human attention.