Meet the Dogs from the League For Animal Welfare

This is Kodak, he is a 3 to 5 year old Shepard/Corgie mix and he has been in the shelter for about 2 months. He is tan and white with a black face. He is a small to medium size dog, but he is alittle shy around people, so here at Encore he will meet a lot of new faces and learn people are not scary. He is really sweet and already knows sit and down, so he just needs some exposure to new people and learn that people aren’t scary.

This is Porkchop, he is a tri-colored terrier mix and he is about 7 months old. He has been in the shelter for about 2 months. He is going to be a small to medium size dog ,but he is a very shy little guy, so he is here to learn that the world isn’t scary and learn new things. He is the perfect lap dog, he loves attention, but it takes him a little bit to warm up.

This is Ada, she is a border collie mix and is about 9 months old and has been in the shelter for about 4 months. She is very friendly, but likes to jump up, so here at Encore she is learning not to jump, some basic commands, how to walk on a leash properly. She loves toys and tries to play fetch and she also loves water!

This is Snax she is a white and black heeler mix and is about a year and half. She is a medium size dog and loves to play. She has been in the shelter for several months. She knows how to play fetch, how to sit, down and wait. She is here to learn how to play with other dogs and learn some more new things.

All dogs are available at the League for Animal Welfare

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