Meet the Dogs February 17 and 24, 2020

Need some sunshine on a rainy Monday? Look no farther than these smiling faces from Calhoun County Humane Society! We’ve got two new dogs to add to the mix of characters for Week 2.


Meet Stryker, a two year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix with fawn and white coloring. He’s a thin 50 lbs. or so, and needs to put on some weight. He was surrendered to the shelter two weeks ago and is on the lookout for a new home with a family that will make sure he is well fed! Stryker loves toys and attention.


Here’s Banjo, a seriously handsome dog that we are guessing has some German Shorthaired Pointer or Pharaoh Hound mixed in. He was a stray brought to the shelter earlier this month and is a nice medium size around 45 lbs. He already knows sit and enjoys people and toys and treats! He has a skin issue that has caused some hair loss on his back and hind legs and he is currently under treatment for that.


UPDATE: Wild man Tobias is actually doing much better on not pulling on the leash, and he loves to retrieve toys. He’s also learning to catch treats in mid-air!

Stop you in your tracks gorgeous – that describes three year old Tobias. This male American Staffordshire Terrier mix has a blue and white coat. He was brought in just a couple weeks ago. Tobias is already neutered and so far seems to love all people, but dogs not so much. He’s all head – he’s got that blocky head and thin body, around 45 lbs.


UPDATE: Cassie is so gentle, we even let her hang out in the office. She’s mesmerized by the printer, and gives the big soft dog bed in the corner two paws up – as long as someone is willing to give her a belly rub!

Meet this gentle five year old brindle and white American Staffordshire Terrrier mix. Cassie was a stray and has been at the shelter about two months. She likes dogs and people, much better than she likes being in a crate. She’d way rather be sitting in someone’s lap getting petted.


UPDATE: Sweet Petey got to burn off lots of young dog energy last week at Encore, so he stayed back at the shelter this week to make room for Stryker.

Remember this handsome dog? He was abandoned at the shelter gate last November. Eighteen month old Petey is another American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He’s full of energy and can be too rough bouncing all that energy around other dogs; he’d be best in a home as the only dog.


UPDATE: Gentle girl Abby also stayed back at the shelter so Banjo could come. She’s making good progress meeting new people one at a time, but a group of strangers is still too much for her to handle just yet.

Our senior of the bunch, black and brindle lab/hound mix Abby is around seven years old and has been at the shelter for five of those years. She’s somewhat fearful of new people and places. But she has a kind soul and once she sees you mean her no harm, she will take a treat and accept some petting and affection. It hurts to see this sweet girl spend years at the shelter. She would be a great pet for someone who knows to give her time and space to adapt to her forever home.


UPDATE: This guy’s the whole package – he’s quick to learn new skills, great with people and pets, and has the coolest markings with spots on his legs. He’s chill!

Bobby’s our baby of the week – only a year old! He’s a black and white lab/border collie mix who was surrendered to the shelter a few weeks ago. Bobby is dog and people friendly and already knows sit and shake. He’s easy going and a nice size at around 50 lbs.