Meet the Dogs Aug 26 and Sept 2

Monday Meet the Dogs

Five dogs braved the rain to make their debut at Encore today! (Actually, two have been here before.) This great group is from the Calhoun County Humane Society, and we so so excited to work with them.


Dutch Shepherd mix Buzz is a six year old male who has been at the shelter since he was surrendered back in 2014. He’s uncertain of new surroundings but eager to learn and comforted by some treats and affection. One thing Buzz is certain of, though – he’d like to be the only dog in his new household.

Sweet Pea

Nine year old Sweet Pea is a little Boston Terrier, a little Bulldog, and a whole lot of mix of who knows what? This senior girl is a long timer at the shelter – since 2013! Like Buzz, she’s not a dog person, but she is a people person. She loves a kind word, a pet, and a treat. The shelter is watching this sweet soul’s water intake as she is drinking a lot and peeing a lot, but a trip to the vets should help figure out what’s going on with that.


What’s up with Wanda? Well she’s a year old and cute as a bug with that mascara marking around her eyes. This brown and white lab mix has only been at the shelter since May, and would love to find her forever home while she is still young, trainable, and over the top cute!


Polo is big, brindle, and back for more at Encore! This three-four year old Great Dane/Plotthound mix is full of energy and wants to learn. He is coming up on his one year anniversary of being brought in as a stray. A great way to celebrate that anniversary sure would be to find his forever home and family. If you have kids who need a furry playmate who can run and romp with the best of him, Polo’s it.


Meet Twiggy, a black and white female mixed breed who’s two years old. She is sassy, sensitive, and seriously cute. We are going to work with her on a good recall – she loves to come close, but then play keep away. We can help with that.