Meet the B’s from Rockin P!

Boxers and English bulldogs abound! Help us welcome these great guys and gals from Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville. They are starting Week 1 at Encore, except for sweet guy Lee Roy who is back just for a refresher.


Maybe you’ve heard about Emma. She was found last fall nearly starved and with a massive tumor hanging down from her butt. Rockin P nursed her back to health and got her surgery done, so that huge tumor is now almost all gone. Emma is a four or five years old English bulldog and despite her hard life before, she is doing great now. She’s gained weight. She loves people. She is happy taking life one day at a time!


Look out world, here comes Cash! This year old brindle and white boxer is still a puppy with all that puppy energy. He’s about 40 lbs and can pick those 40 lbs up straight in the air! He knows “sit” but has a big “whatsup” to the leash walking concept. We can help him with that this week.


Meet five to six year old English bulldog Humphrey, a chunky guy with lots of personality! He is very vocal with this really cute warbling song he sings in his crate. Humphrey is happy go lucky with people, but can’t be in a home with cats or small dogs. He has a high prey drive so to him, those small animals look more like a meal than a buddy.


Oh wow, looking for a BIG dog? Here he is! This three year old boxer mix is massive. Thankfully, he has a quiet, calm energy. I guess he knows he doesn’t have to throw his weight around – his looks alone will get your attention. He’s a gorgeous brindle and white, with a solid black face.

Lee Roy

This former junk yard dog has blossomed into a healthy, strong and sweet guy. Lee Roy is a four year old boxer mix. He is smart and knows sit and shake. He also knows the “here” command and loves to come running up for treats. He has his full tail and it wags a lot, so we know he’s having a good time.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of these great guys and gal, contact through the website Rockin P Rescue or at 256-282-9304.