May Dog Success Story: Tilly

Christmas 2018 was in the air and so was bouncy Tilly! This less than a year old pup had already been adopted, but returned for being too hyper. The League for Animal Welfare sent her to us to help her burn off some energy and learn to focus on basic commands.

Tilly was a drop dead gorgeous German Shepherd mix, smart and sassy. You couldn’t blame her for being so high energy. Working dogs, especially young ones, can be that way. Tilly needed a job, something to occupy her mind and her body. Fortunately, training and nose work are both great jobs for working dogs.

Her training focused on getting Tilly to not jump up on people, and to do sit, down, and roll over. In nose work, she excelled at finding food in boxes, under boxes, and near boxes! Tillly also loved playing with people, toys, and dogs, too.

Tilly came to Encore in December and January. On Monday, February 18, she came for a third time. A family heard about her at the League and came to visit her at our building. (We LOVE to have potential adopters meet their dogs at Encore.) They fell in love with her, went back to the League, and adopted her the same day!

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