May Dog Success Story: Perry Carter

Perry carter with tennis ball
Perry Carter with jolly ball

Perry Carter. The name was as distinctive as the dog. Perry Carter made you stop in your tracks and go “wow.” We see a lot of black and white dogs in shelters, but he was really unique. He was a huge mixed breed that may have included Bernese Mountain Dog, American Bull Dog or St. Bernard. He was four or five years old when he came to Encore in January 2018. Most of those years were spent at the Calhoun County Humane Society.

Perry Carter had a few bad habits. He pulled like crazy on the leash, and a 65+ lbs. dog can be pretty uncontrollable doing that. He also had a habit of humping people. A dog that big can be pretty scary when they grab hold and go to town on your leg. Perry Carter looked pretty ferocious on the outside. We needed to work with him to see what he was like on the inside.

We quickly learned that this dog needed to focus his energy and have a chance to run and de-stress. He loved playing with toys outside. He was amazing at catching balls in mid-air. He would fetch and retrieve – we initially thought he might not want to give up the toy once he got it, but he realized that giving it up meant we would throw it again. That was a fair trade to Perry Carter.

We worked consistently to correct his humping behavior and re-direct him to something like sitting or walking, which we could then reward. That, plus a dental toy that he could chew on, seemed to help him relieve his stress. And the humping behavior pretty much stopped, yay.

Perry Carter improved a lot while he was at Encore. And we were so excited when on March 28, 2018, Animal Haven Rescue in New York decided to take this big guy up north to find a forever home. He was adopted shortly after that, and the last picture we saw of this guy was walking happily with his new owner in Central Park, New York City!

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Perry Carter with squirrel
Perry Carter catching ball outside
Perry Carter bath 1 (2)

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