May Dog Success Story: Mischief

Mischief jumping
Mischief by slide

We sometimes see siblings at Encore, especially if they are from a family of puppies that was surrendered to the shelter or found as strays. That’s how it was with Mischief. She was Wiggle’s sister, but he got adopted last summer and she was by herself. The League started sending her to Encore to help her with being a bit shy.

Mischief was a cute four month old mix that included some lab, terrier, and maybe Carolina dog – or maybe Black Mouth cur. You could look at her ten times and see ten different combinations! And she had the cutest triangle patterns on her face. She was in fact a little shy around new people, so we started pairing her with different volunteers who could put her at ease and coax out her sweet personality.

Now put Mischief around other dogs, and she was not shy at all! She loved playing with dogs and became our good will ambassador for other puppies and adult dogs alike. She could even get Bae to play! One volunteer lovingly said of Mischief, “She’s not the smartest dog, but she is the sweetest.”

Over time, Mischief learned to love people as much as she already loved dogs. Her gentle and easy going nature was just what a family was looking for, and she was adopted October 23, 2018.

Mischief and Romeo with toy outside
Mischief close up
Bae and Mischief2

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