May Dog Success Story: Carly

Carly with Lucky and Charley
Carley showing Lucky not to be scared of humans
Carley on her new bed!

Senior dogs are always special, and Catahoula Leopard Dog/lab mix Carly was extra-special. Ten years old and a bit chunky, she had been at the shelter her entire life. But Calhoun County Humane Society decided to send her to Encore last March to give her a chance to learn some things and show us some things, too.

Carly loved all the petting and attention she could get. She would tire pretty easily when walking, but that wasn’t surprising since she was a bit overweight and a lot underexercised. Carly really showed us the value of a calm senior dog when we tried pairing her with shy puppy Lucky. Lucky was shut down and pretty non-responsive to people, but when he saw Carly in the play yard, he followed her every move!

Carly helped Lucky break out of his shell. And several months later, a loving family helped Carly break out of the shelter. She was adopted on October 29, 2018. Her new family lets her sleep on the bed and come and go as she pleases through a doggie door. She is enjoying her time to the fullest. We are SO grateful a family opened their hearts and home to Carly.

Carly close up2jpg
Carly and Lucky
Carly walking inside2 (2)

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