May Dog Success Story: Amos

Amos running
Amos with squirrel

“Well, why WOULDN’T I want to pull?” must be what Amos was thinking when he first came to Encore last April. “I’m not even two years old, I’m FULL of energy and I want to run around in the play yard!”

Amos was a gray and white pit bull that really needed help with his leash walking and jumping on people. So Calhoun County Humane Society sent him to us. H was a high energy boy who was a bit nervous when meeting new people but quickly warmed up to take treats or a squeaky toy. He was a strong 50 pounds and didn’t really get why he needed to wait at the door or not yank on the leash.

Staff and volunteers worked with Amos for his two week stint in April, and another week in May as he still needed practice. He was a great dog and very loveable. He just needed a chance to burn off that energy, then focus on the basics. Amos did improve, to the point where a rescue organization took him to find his forever home on June 9, 2018!

Amos close up
Amos walking w Charley

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