March Madness for Doggies

Fill your adoption bracket with one of these great pups from Calhoun County Animal Control! They’re young, pumped and ready to roll.

Three year old Harvey is over the top cute with his pointy ears and curled up tail. He’s low to the ground and has cute white markings on his chest. He’d be great for someone looking for a smaller dog, although he prefers not to be picked up like a baby but rather be walked on a leash like a big boy.

Here’s a great smaller sized dog. Year old Gregory is loveable with his black and white tuxedo markings. He’s very alert to his surroundings and ready to learn new things.

Big, strong, sassy, how else can we describe this three year old female who’s full of character? Chrissy has beautiful reddish pink coloring on her nose and mouth. She loves getting petted and getting a chance to run off that energy!

This is Mariah’s second  visit to Encore, and this Husky/Shepherd mix couldn’t be happier! She is full of energy and happy to spend it running around the play yard, stopping only for a quick pet and hug. Mariah’s about two years old and so ready to be adopted by an active family.

Year old Lab mix Russ is full of puppy energy and enthusiasm. He has a beautiful golden brown coat and loves to give kisses. He’s really love for you to meet him at Calhoun County Humane Society to see if he fills your doggie bracket!